Sexing chicks


Mar 13, 2018
Houston, Texas
When I was feeding the chicks, I noticed some differences in the combs of the chicks
Can two-week-old wyandotte chicks be sexed by looking at the comb?
In my neighborhood, roosters are not allowed (because of the noise) and i want to start searching for a new home for the roosters as soon as possible.

You usually need to wait until about 6-8 weeks but you can post pics in the what breed or gender forum. Wyandottes will feather on differently based on gender. Hens have a moree precise pattern/lacing. Boys will be splotchy.
I've discovered a way to color-sex the comb, but it requires you see color accurately and be able to see the subtle difference between pale pink and pale yellow. But you can't use this method until the chicks are at least three weeks old.

Between three and four weeks, a cockerel's comb will be turning a pale yellow. Up until then, all chicks have colorless combs that are pretty much non-existent. A pullet's comb, if you can even see one, is going to remain practically colorless or a very pale pink until she's ready to lay.

Between four and five weeks, the cockerel's comb will be trending yellow-orange and he may be starting to sport the beginning of wattles. By six weeks, it will be red-orange.

If you can't quite make out the color, find something purple and something green. Hold first the purple swatch behind the comb of the chick you want to sex. If the chick is a cockerel, the purple swatch will make the comb appear even more yellow than it appears alone.

Next, do the same with the green swatch. This will make a pullet's comb appear more pink than without it. Doing this will verify the color you are seeing.

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