sexing chicks??????

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  1. when the chick has a lump is that mean its a guy or a girl?
    and How can you fix a chick that has a dry bum?
  2. DTchickens

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    a lump.... im not quite sure what you mean but i heard that if it has a big.. Lump its a big,. and if it has a littleish one its a girl.
  3. bangor777

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    May 4, 2008
    Wow, ok, where is said "lump" inquiring minds need to know...I see no lump....[​IMG]
  4. Ok I found on some of my RIRs a hole right under there butt,
    Does that mean their male or does it mean their female?
  5. DTchickens

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Bailey, Mississippi.
    Quote:I have no idea [​IMG], I never sex my chicks by that. I raise gamefowl/oegbs which can be sexed by the feathers on their wings.
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    Quote:Er, no, that is the 'poo hole' (actually the vent, which combines pooing and reproductive functions), and I betcha anything that the other ones have one too [​IMG]

    You CANNOT sex chicks this young, unless they're from a line with sexlinked color or feathering traits. You'll just have to wait a month or two or three like everyone else [​IMG]

    By 'dry bum' do you mean that poo is sticking to it? Search this site (click on 'search' in the blue menu line above) for "pasty butt" or "pasting up" and you will find lots of information. Summary: wash the poo off gently with warm water, dry the bum, and make sure the chicks are neither too cold nor too hot.

    Have fun,

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    Mar 17, 2008
    I have heard that you can sex them their feathers , ( when they start growing )I think it is one short one long girl and all the same length boy
  8. DTchickens

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Bailey, Mississippi.
    you can sex chicks by their wing feathers at day old. But only certain breeds. yes. short long short long etc for hens. all long for males :}.
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    Mar 20, 2008
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    I hope you don't mind if I piggy back on this thread. I also have a question about sexing chicks. Is it possible for a 2 week old rooster to have spurs already? I have a chick that is either a Phoenix or a Silver Leghorn (I can't tell those 2 breeds apart yet) and it is the only chick out of 23 that either has 5 toes (the rest have 4) - or has a spur. The one that looks like a spur pokes up in the back - which is why is stood out to me and makes me wonder if it is indeed a spur and that's a rooster. This chick is also about twice the size of the others. Do spurs stand out at 2 weeks old?

  10. Quote:Which breeds can you tell by the wing feathers?

    Helaine in Olalla, WA

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