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    at what age can chicks be positivley sexed. I am considering haching a few eggs mostley for the edicational value for my son. i have access to fertilized eggs but i can not have a rooster. so will i be able to tell the sex before they wake up my naighbours evry day.
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    Somewhere between 1 hour and 24 weeks!

    Certain breeds can be sexed at hatch visually by a layman -examples are Black or Red Sexlinks. There are other breeds like barred rocks and Welsummers where you can sort of guess their sex based on down color/pattern but it is only moderately reliable. If you are a very skilled person you may be able to vent sex the chick within the first 24 hours with 90% accuracy. I bought a book and it was too daunting for me. There are about 10% of the chicks that have little bitty parts that don't look obviously boy or girl and so even getting vent sexed chicks from a hatchery will give 5% males when you buy females only.

    In most breeds the combs of the boys start getting large and red as early as 4 weeks but others are very hard to se (silkies for instance) and you may not know what they are until they crow or lay an egg.

    I hatched 4/4 chicks as roos last year. I was able to Craigslist 3/4 (kept one) with very little trouble. Depending on your area you may find it hard or easy. The problem with ones sexable at hatch is you still have to get rid of the boys either through culling or giving them away you just can do it at hatch instead of waiting until they are more mature.
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