Sexing cotournix quail


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Aug 24, 2015
Colorado Springs
I hatched a batch of eggs about 5-6 weeks ago. I sold all but 5 when they were a week old and unfortunately two died early on. So now I have 3 left.
They are mixed colors, so I'm not sure how to accurately sex them and don't want to hurt them by incorrectly vent sexing them.

These both have some spotting on the chest, and one had foam when I attempted to vent sex, the other did not.
Are spots on the chest only for females? Or can makes have them too?
Then there is a mostly white bird with a dark head and no spots, no idea about that one.

Don't think I've heard any crowing at this point, but how often do they crow?

Chickens and ducks are easier lol


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