Sexing day olds?? by color??


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
North Western Wisconsin
i just got 20 chicks today the breeds are orpington, speckled sussex, ameracana, and silver laced wayndotte. i really want to know how if they are males or females because the males are gonna be "gotten rid" of and i dont want to get attched to any...
Different breed are sexed in different ways. The sexlinks can be identified by color. Others the length of their wing feathers/fluff. Staggered lengths are males I beleive. Others have to be vent sexed, males have a bump in their vent. Maybe post some pics and others can help further.
if you're trying to sex day olds, probably only thing to do is vent sex. I'm not a huge chicken raiser, just quails. But i would think you wuoldn't really be able to tell at a day old

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