sexing ducks and a few other questions

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by sydney13, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Mar 11, 2010
    i recently took home a little duckling who i thought was a muscovy. all the other ducks were black but she was brown and im almost sure she is crossed with the blue swedish. i heard that blue swedish ducks can get loud and i cant have a loud quaker (why i choose muscovy) so im thinking today i will put her back in the flock and pick out a true muscovy. i don't want to send her back but i would hate to have to get rid of her when she's a adult and so far she has only been with us a few days. do you think the mother duck will still except her?
    at the place i got her they have 1 week old ducks (thats my original duck), two week olds, 1 month old ducks, and adult ducks. i want a duck that will imprint on me but i will also have a good guess of the sex (dont want to get a drake). if i got a adult hen would i be able to handle it enough that it would follow me around? could i have a good guess on the sex of the 1 month old muscovy ducks? i am going to look for a duck that is the smallest in the age group, thinnest legs and not curly tail. anything else i should look for to get a better guess on the sex? what will a female muscovy ducks voice sound like compared to males? will i still be able to get a 1 month old duck to imprint on me?

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