Sexing Easter Eggers - Would like your opinions!!

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    Sep 15, 2015
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    I feel like I have 3 cockerels and 2 pullets out of this group.... the local feed store will have pullets in sometime this week, I wanted to see if yall could help me with sexing these guys, if I only got 2 pullets, I am gonna go get some more pullets this week. Any ideas? I know they aren't too terribly old, but didn't kn ow if anyone with a better eye and more experience than me would be able to tell. I can take better pics if need be

    Chick #1
    Sorry I didn't get a better pic of the comb, this is one of the two I feel like may possibly be a pullet?


    Chick #2 (So pretty!!!) i think this is my favorite one simply because its such a beautiful color.



    Chick #3



    Chick #4

    This one I feel like is a pullet?



    Chick #5
    This one, I am almost 100% is a cockerel the way he acts, but I have totally been wrong before. he is definitely the dominant chick in the group



    Too young to tell? Anyone have any opinions? They would be greatly appreciated!! And sorry about the pics, i took them with my phone and it was so hard to hold them and get a good shot and be able to hit the dang camera button all at the same time!!
  2. enola

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    Number 1 & 5 are cockerels
  3. ChickenWisperer

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    #1 - This color exhibits almost exclusively in cockerels in my experience. There are blue and red EE hens of course, but I've never seen any with splashed red on the shoulders. Plus the comb is very red. Most certainly a cockerel.

    #2 - Hard to tell at this stage, but the comb looks large for the age, even though it's not red. I would keep an eye out on this one.

    #3 & #4 - Certainly pullets, by color and comb.

    #5 - Cockerel, no doubt. Cockerel coloring and a large, red comb.
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    Sep 15, 2015
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    well poop!! I was hoping #1 would be a pullet, but I did think those colors looked awfully roostery lol. Something about it just looked more like a rooster than a pullet. His comb is definitely bright pink, but not as pronounced as the others which made me think pullet. I was mostly basing my guesses on the combs, which is probably a really bad way to guess sexes at this stage lol. So I have 2 definite males then. I sure hope the other 3 are pullets because if not, that is gonna be a whole lot of roosters!! Thank yall for the help!! [​IMG]
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    X2 on both of the above posts; sorry. :eek:(
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    #4 looks like the only pullet to me.
  7. donrae

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    This is what I see also.
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    MESOFRUFFEH Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 15, 2015
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    Well I guess like my mama always told me, be careful what you wish for lol.... I have been buying straight run chicks left and right and all turn out to be pullets, I have been trying to get a looks like I got some now!! At least they are pretty [​IMG] I might have to buy some pullets when they come in this weekend just to balance out a little lol

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