Sexing EE's -- 2 that I'm torn on- male or female?


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May 9, 2012
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So these two don't have large red combs like the ones I'm sure are roo's. They're about 9 weeks now. I would LOVE it if these two were hens.


This one has kind of an orange-ish comb, small wattles forming, and I know there is brown on the wings, but MAN if she were a she, I'd be happy!!!

Same one, below

#2) Darker one who I would love to keep. Smaller comb, not red like the ones I know are cockerels.

Again, same #2 below. There are two probably cockerels behind this one and then one of my RIR girls.

If I'm not 100% sure about certain ones, should I just hang onto the til' I'm sure? I've got an appt at the processor Tuesday to process the roo's for raw dog food, but I am only 100% sure about 2 of them being roos!!!
1st one I'm suspicious that s/he could be male because s/he looks like it has sickle feathers. #2 I'm leaning to pullet.
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Both are males. The bright red splotches on the shoulders don't exist on pullets. They'll both be gorgeous boys when they're older.
If they're boys they're heading to the processor in a few days. I'm in the city, can't have roo's. Have tried craigslist. not getting much luck. :(

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