Sexing Embden geese anyone know how?

Geese in general are hard to sex. Ganders are usually taller. More out going. Usually the one going toward strangers. Their supposed to have higher voices. Geese are smaller, shy, have deeper voices. The only sure fire way in sexing is vent sexing.
It's easy to tell. See the gander on the right.....left......right...... uh,.....they sure do look alike!

(my gander is on the right. He's taller & has less belly, & takes the lead wherever they go.0
I used to have Embdens in my younger years & had to vent checks them to sell them. It was pretty easy to learn. I am sure you can do it. I bet you could Google it or You tube it......LOL
Good Luck
Karen in Turlock

Here are my Embdens, Ethel (on left) and Goostoff (on right) along with Ping and Pong, the Chinese geese (I believe they are both female).

As you can see Goostoff is more erect, he is bigger even though he is a year younger. His body is longer and he is taller. Mostly it's attitude. He walks with his head up more, he is always on the lookout like it's his job to watch out. His actions are more masculine where she is more ladylike,

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