Sexing green cheek conure. Help????

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    I was just given a 6 month old greek cheek conure. They have never had it sexed before and I would like to know how you can sex it. Can it be done by coloring or size or does it have to be vent sexing like chickens and ducks? If so would i have to take it to a vet to have it done or is this something I can do my self and some one could tell me how to?

    Thank you for any help. [​IMG]
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  2. ReikiStar

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    In general, Conures can only be sexed through DNA blood tests. By us, that test is about $25, an avian vet can draw the blood and send it out.
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    Ok thank you for the info. Why can it only be done threw blood testing if you dont mind me asking? I have 2 other conures as well (a sun conure and another green cheek) both of whom came already sexed (males) so i have never delt with the sexing part.
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    If the bird shows no sexual dimorphism or has not been a proven breeder, you'll have to go the DNA route. You can use feather shaft DNA, but the quantity of DNA in the tips of feathers/skin that comes out with feathers is a whole lot less than in blood.
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    Most psittacines must either be DNA or surgically sexed. They can get DNA sexing done with a feather. Check your vets around that do avian work. It's pretty reasonable. <$40.00
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    My vet wants to charge me the cost of a visit plus what it will cost to do the test. All together that would put me $100+ I think I will be fine not knowing for that price.
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    I believe there may be kits you can get to send out a sample. I know the lady I work for has done it with her birds using a feather. Perhaps you might be able to find something searching online.
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    Quote:Thank you! [​IMG]
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    Did you end up using one of the kits? I got a Green Cheek as a baby....named "him" Abner and didn't want to spend the money to find out for sure. Just after his 5th hatchday, I found 4 eggs in the happy hut. We call her Abbie

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