Sexing guesses and dominance vs play


Jun 16, 2019
Alabama, USA
I'd swear these are both girls (5 weeks, they grow SO FAST). They're very vocal and have loud "meeps", but 50% of the time they're chasing my poor little spotted drake and 50% of the time it's the other way around. There's lots of running in circles, some minor head bobbing, some of that "I'm so excited I'm going to explode" vibrating thing that they do, clamping on to tail feathers, and attempted mounting, I'm starting to feel like a rugby referee. Should I stop trying to intervene just let them handle it? I don't want any duck injuries and I'd rather prevent stinky behavior habits.
I don't think you need to worry unless someone is actually getting hurt. How old is your drake. Likely it is a combination of play and determining peeking order.
He just turned 2 years old. His mate died about year ago, and he never mated with our rescue wood duck female before she flew off to live outside on our lake, so he's been without his favorite pastime for about a year. Poor guy. Lol
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