Sexing help: bantam ee/silkie/brahma mixes, 5-6 weeks old


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I have three chicks whose sex I'm not sure of. It's probably too early to tell, but I figured it wouldn't hurt in case somebody knows some good indicators that show up at 5-6 weeks old.

The chicks are bantams and a two are ee-brahma mixes, and one is an ee-silkie mix.

Pics to follow...
Chick #1

I think it's a brahma-ee mix, but possible a mix of something else. It has a pea comb and is already picking fights with full grown chickens. My guess is that it is a male due to the size and color of the comb.

Chick #2

This one looks mostly like an ee, but has a few feathers on its green legs, so that makes me think it might have a bit of brahma in it. It's also quite a bit bigger than the other chicks. It has a small rose comb. My guess, at this time is pullet.

Chick #3

This an ee-silkie mix. It has a wide, black comb but the comb isn't tall at all. It's more like a black patch. I have no idea what this one might be.

I'd say first one is a roo... second is maybe a pullet and third maybe pullet too

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