Sexing help request, 11 Weeks old


Well, Saddle feathers have begun to poke out on my 7 Chicks. Seeking second opinions on Rusty, the Red, and any other Rooster suspect you might spot in this 6 AM Video.

I ordered Brown Egg Layers from Meyer Hatchery, and paid extra to be sure I got Exchequer Leghorn and Barred Plymouth Rock females. It was a Memorial Day Hatch so the facility may have been very busy with Chicks, orders and local families. It was a Monday Holiday after a USPS weekend, possibly short staffed due to the Covid19 Pandemic Holiday? I've wondered if hatch-day sexing odds would be their usual numbers? IDK, but it has been a long wait to try to confirm Gender. I don't want to get rid of ANY which may still present mystery factors in sexing. No crowing yet, but lots of chest butting and hackle flays lately by both Reds. Thank You for any observations and opinions on Cockerel evidence. Happy summer!



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Jan 28, 2018
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I don't see any obvious cock signs here. Can you take a sharp close-up photo of the saddle feathers you noticed?

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