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    As hybrid hens are hard to sex as they are not colour linked etc I was wondering if the females take after the fathers colours and the males take after there mother because the ones we have pin pointed as males are the same colour as the Mum and visa versa I also read that if you have a fast feathering Dad and a slow feathering Mum then the chicks come out as the opposite in genders. If not any tips on how to sex hybrid chicks? I have 2 a week old and 5 four weeks old!
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    Chicks are whatever color/pattern that the genes they get dictates.
    Pullets do not take after fathers nor do cockerels take after moms.
    In sex linked hybrids it does seem that way a lot but it's because of what genes they inherited. That's the whole magic of sex links.
    With black sex links you cross a non barred rooster to barred hen and yes males end up barred as their mothers are and pullets non barred like fathers. Its because of the genes they got not that they're taking after one parent over the other.
    If you switch it barred rooster over non barred hens they all come out barred and none non barred so both sexes look like father.
    If barred father only has one barred gene instead of two then half chicks of both sexes are barred like dad and half are non barred like mother. So some males look like dad and some look like mom. Same with female chicks.
    Other times you can cross one color rooster with a different color hen and all chicks can be a totally different color.
    Other times you can cross one color to a different color and get chicks of several colors.
    Its all about the genes not which parent looks like what.
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