Sexing Khaki Campbells at 3 months


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Jan 10, 2011
Durant, Oklahoma
I have two Khakis that are 12 weeks old and not 100% what sex I have. I thought I had 2 girls but I saw an add online were a woman has too many drakes and wants to sell some. I figured if I have 2 girls that I would get a boy, but her "drakes" look a lot like my 2 "girls". Neither one has the curled up tail feather yet.
So any guess as to what they are?
When do they get the curled feather (if a drake)?


Tuck & Ming Ming


This is Ming Ming and it has a brown bill


This is Tuck and it has a green bill

When you pick them up, do they have a loud quack or is it more quiet and raspy?The loud ones are females.
From my experience with this breed, the males have the orange feet and the females have brown feet, but that's not always correct. And if they are males, they will either have their curly feather by now or at least by 4 months old.

Plus the drake's heads usually are starting to turn dark by now.

I would say you have two females, but you can be sure if you listen to their quacks.
One has a loud quack and one raspy, but I don't know which. Too hard to catch in the heat at this moment, but I will try later this evening when it's cooler.
The one with the green bill and the BLACK bean is a boy. The one with the brown bill and bean is a girl. A black bean suggest a boy. I have 2 drake campbells and 3 ducks. Mine are 3 months old. They have no drake feathers but their voice and behavior is obvious.
OK so I finally chased down Tuck (green bill). He has dark tail feathers coming in with a green sheen to them and I also noticed little feathers on his head that are coming in too that have that same green sheen to them, he also didn't really quack at me but sounded more like a duck with a sore throat. So I'm now pretty sure that Tuck is a dude.

Ming Ming doesn't have any dark feathers coming in and has a very loud Quack.
I'm so happy, I was going to ask hubby if we could get a drake for the girls as a birthday present for me. Glad we don't have to do that. Hubby wasn't too thrilled with getting more animals.

BTW in case you are curious the names Tuck & Ming Ming come from the Wonder Pets cartoon that my 2 yr old loves. He named them.

TUCK is most diffidently a Drake

This picture doesn't due him justice, his dark green-tinted head and tail are just beautiful in the sun. However unlike his mate, he is camera shy.


Oh and Ming Ming is just as pretty (of course I'm bias..LOL)
My two khakis (duck duck and goose)are about three months now and I’m getting worried about their sex, they both quack, so I thought for sure they were both females, but then a friend of mine told me that his two males quack as well, so now I’m a bit confused.... plus, they both have blue bills and orangish feet at this point, and one (duck duck) looks a lot like a female, while goose is bigger and is mostly dark brown, does anyone have any idea what they could be? I can post pictures as well if needed. Thanks in advance

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