Sexing Muscovy ducklings

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mommaduck2014, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Nov 16, 2014
    Is it possible to tell the sex of a Muscovy duckling at around 3 or 3.5 weeks? Both of my babies are doing this whistling sound. I know it's both of them we cuddle a lot they are very attached to us. The whistling is like they're talking they do it all the time back and forth.
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    Some can if you see enough of them you get ideas even at that young, that said and done, Muscovy are not mallard derived so the typical voice, drake curl do not apply, it's all size.

    Drakes outsize the females, they are noticeably bigger by 4-5wks and onward... it almost appears like the ducks(females) are not growing.

    Here is a pic of a clutch i had a 1.5yo ago.. the top bird is a duck, the rest all drakes.. often the females will feather in quicker on the wings too, they almost have a feminine shape to their head, the boys are bulky, quite large till they fill in properly.

    [​IMG] if you post some pics, we maybe able to give an idea, however pics do mess with perspective so cannot guarantee the results.
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    Pics would help. Normally can make a pretty good guess at that age.

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