Sexing my Barred Rock chick


7 Years
May 27, 2012
Lucky Duck Pond
Can anyone tell by my pics if this is a hen or Roo ? It is about 5 days old right now and is a Barred Rock.Thanks!!!
speckledhen: I can sex all BR chicks at hatch with relative certainty. I've written this list so many times, but here goes:

Males: larger, splotchy headspot, lighter silvery/grayish color rather than black, no or little black down leg fronts

Females: headspot is more defined and smaller, down is very black, legs usually have dark wash down the front.

These, taken together, will give you the sex about 90% of the time. The other 10% aren't as clear and can fool you.

I would go with pullet too.
I hope so!!!!!
The pictures are of the same chick.This one was hatched not layed
by my Muscovy duck so I would love to be able to keep it but if it is a rooster I will have to rehome it.
Ive been raising baby chicks for close to 40 years now, and have gotten quite good at sexing them earlie on. i will say im 98% sure that you have a rooster, sorry for the bad news. :(

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