Sexing my birds.


11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
Asheville NC
Does anyone have pix of Male and female Black Sex links and Cukoo Marans?
We don't have a camera, or I would post them.
I thought you could tell Sex links at hatching? What am I looking for? I have no idea.
My Maran was the smallest when I got them, but has gotten big and pretty, her/his comb is getting large and spiky. The sex link is smaller, but also getting a bigger crown than my buff, americana & auracana. Those 3 tend to stay together, and the sex link and maran hang out.....
What would be the worst case scenario if I kept the 2 (possible boys)? The farm we got them from said they will give us 2 girls as that is what we wanted, but I am hesitant to get rid of the 2....can we keep 7? (1/2 acre)

Thanks for everyone's help. We are new at this and just learning.

Funny thing, the Seinfeld just came on when Kramer gets a roo thinking it is a hen....
"that must explain the no eggs..."


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