Sexing my Buttons


11 Years
Nov 14, 2011
I'm starting to think I have a male/female pair on my hands, but not exactly sure, so hoping for some input.
The one I suspect is male doesn't have a reddish tint near the vent, but I would say maybe slightly brown? It is otherwise silver all over, no sign of a bib. It is smaller than the other one as well. I'm getting one egg a day, so that also tells me there is only one female. I haven't heard any "whirring" or "windy" calls, but there is a distinct howling noise in the early morning. Anyone have any thoughts?
Go to quaillady's site, she has lots of pictures of males and females. What you're describing sounds like a silver blueface. Neither males nor females get 'bibs' in a blueface variety. The silver colored males generally have 'pink' feathers around their vents.
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Thanks for the tip, sorry I didn't have pictures - I don't have a camera. I am going to check the vents when I get home, but I have a feeling he is a male. Kinda sad to think all the eggs I've been getting could've been babies! Don't really want to eat them anymore... time to find an incubator. ;)

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