Sexing my Frizzle/Cochin Americana

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    I have three chicks that are six months old. We've seen two mounted, and we have two baby eggs. We haven't caught any of the chicks in the act of laying in the nest box, though all of them have been seen checking out the boxes, and leaving.
    Our frizzle has not been seen being mounted, and I'm wondering if it's a male or female. It's possible (and probable) that the two chicks that were mounted are the ones laying eggs, but it's equally likely that the frizzle laid one and we just haven't caught it being mounted.
    It's a passive bird, ugly, but non aggressive. No crowing.
    How can you tell if it's a girl or boy? I've read lots of threads, but only see people say they look like a male or female, but they don't explain what would make the two look different.[​IMG]

  2. If frizzle Cochin, the female will have a small comb and wattles, males would have large comb and wattles. By that age Cochin males are obvious you can't miss the huge comb.

    Also males will get pointy hackle feathers (feathers around the neck) & pointy long saddle feathers (feathers draping across their back by the tail). The tail will also get longer and pointy at the end. Females will stay round on edges.

    Now if it has more EE (Easter egger) from the cross, then you will have a small pea comb and small wattles in female. Males will have medium wattles and medium pea comb.

    Saddle and hackles will be the same as Cochin.

  3. Picture 1 & 3 male with pea comb
    Picture 2 females with pea comb
    Picture 4 male Cochin buff & female barred, single comb
  4. If you need more, I have some 19 week old cockerels and pullets (EE x Cochin) I can get pictures of to show more male vs female

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