Sexing my Showgirls - need some help here!


Gone Broody
12 Years
Mar 17, 2008
I usually sex Silkies primarily based on the crests, but my daughter's Showgirls have me stumped. They're 4.5 months old now. They're pet quality, so all their crests look like slicked-back roo-ish crests to me. The red SG has shiny feathers, small streamers and the most obvious comb/wattles, so I'm fairly certain it's a roo. No crowing, spurs or roo-ish behavior, yet.



The 2 white SG have no comb/wattles, act hennish, no shiny feathers but are those streamers on their crests?



I only managed to hatch 4 Showgirls out of a huge batch of eggs and one of them died, so I'm really hoping I've got a pullet or two here!
So you both agree the red one is a cockrel?

There's 2 white SG - which one are you saying roo? I was leaning hen on both of those because the combs are small and no wattles. One has some red in the comb, but it's 4.5 months old, so I was hoping it was still a pullet.
The red is a cockerel. I think at least one of the whites is a pullet, but the other white could go either way. Give them more time.
they could go either way they are still too young I can never tell with the SG I mean silkies are hard enough to sex. I see atleast 1 could be a girl one of the white SG.
Hi! Don't mean to hijack this thread, but what is a "showgirl"? Is it a naked neck Silkie? Is it just any Silkie cross? I've seen them mentioned on BYC several times, and am curious what they are. Thanks!

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