sexing orps?

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  1. I have three black orps, one splash & one blue. I’m fairly sure the splash is a pullet & the blue is a cockerel. However, I’m having trouble with the three black ones…although I’m leaning towards one black cockerel & two black pullets…

    Here are some pics—sorry that they aren’t the best, but it’s nearly impossible to photograph chickens on my own!


    So that said & supposing I’m correct with my gender guesses…

    If you could only keep three—which roo would you keep? The blue or the black? I am thinking keeping the blue roo, a black pullet & a splash pullet & then selling a pair of black orps…I already have a buyer if I have a pair...
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    How old are they, because I'm only seeing pullets... ?
  3. They were hatched in June? Maybe?
  4. Geez, don't tell me that! Besides my sumatras, which I still can't sex....I've had super-heavy roos this year with my hatchings...and that would be my luck--FIVE PULLETS! [​IMG]

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