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Oct 25, 2021
I have 3 peachicks around 3 months. Im trying to figure what gender they are. When i look at their chest i say female. They also don't have that much barring on the wings. On the tail they have a lot. But then their flight feathers are mostly orange-rust like wich is male indication? I am totally clueless. I don't have better photos sorry i know these are not very good. They don't like my phone and lighting in my garage is not helpful at all.


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I can't tell which is which but the first picture and last picture are females.
You should take separate pictures of each bird.
I think it's the same one. I know pictures suck i'm sorry but all of them are like that. If they were outside it woud be a lot easier with the daylight and all. I have a large pen waiting for them but i'm afraid to let them out because the coop is right next to the chickens. I'm afraid of them catching mites or some other disease while they are young. That's why they are in a cage in my garage wich they are going to outgrow pretty soon.

Anyway what would your guess be about the one peachick that is lying on the floor with his wing halfway spread?
Why don't you carry them outside and take a pic in the light?
I'm slowly gaining their trust. I got them when they were a month old. They are in a cage in my garage. I'm letting them out of the cage every day but never took them outside. Mostly because they don't wanna be held so im not forcing it. They tolerate me around them but won't eat out of my hand and they are backing away when i try to come closer. When i'm around they are monitoring my every move. They seem scared of me when i move to fast. I think their previous owner didn't spent any time with them. I'm trying to change that with treats so that we become friends when i let them out in the big pen i built for them. I can't wait to move them from my garage with small windows but i'm afraid of the mites and parasites my chicken may carry. I plan to free range them when they grow up because i have a lot of fenced land.
It's recommended not to let peachicks on dirt until at least a year old anyway. ;)
My Peafowl do not want me to hold them, sometimes I have to for their own health/safety.
If its not that important to know the genders then I wouldn't bother stressing them out.
If you will be wanting to breed them later and they are all females, males are usually easier to find to buy anyway.
Where are you located?

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