Sexing Polish chicks - Is it possible? Have a look please.


9 Years
May 15, 2010
Ok. We have two Polish chickens. They were rescued so we have NO idea what they are - boys or girls. They're very mellow and funny with their wigs bouncing all over the place. I am wondering what you need to see to get a good idea of their sex. You have to know that we butchered their mop-tops. They came to us completely bald on top. We put the pick no more lotion on their head for a long time. The feathers started to come back in and then their poor heads looked just dirty at that point. So, I washed their heads and applied lots of blue food dye to the remaining visible skin...and feathers. So, all their new feathers that have come in are blue.. We also just gave them big haircuts a few days ago. Here are some pics. If you need more, we can try to get them. I appreciate your thoughts.

This is the one that is in front on picture #1


11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
coos bay OR
and may I say that I absolutely love our white crested black polish, yours are so darn cute! With Polish, usually the roosters have really spiky, rock star type hairdos....while the girls have a pouf
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