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    Any pointers on distinguishing a roo from a pullet as Polish Crested chicks grow?

    I have three chicks already showing lovely crests at only three weeks of age. All are very healthy and one showes a comb yet.
    The blonde has a tail feather that is already two inches long and it stands straight up in the air like a flag. The little red chicks have no tail feathers yet..

    Could tail feathers be an indication of a a roo?
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    Nov 1, 2010
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    You want to look at the shape of the crest feathers. Rounded is pullet pointy is roo. Also the overall look ia a buffont for the girls and boys look less full and longer. The same shape goes with the saddle feathers. You can tell by tail feathers but I think they have to be a bit older. The top ones get that curve to them. My Roos didn't combs until they were much older and even then they were small. Wattles started first.
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    Quote:Thank you...I'll keep my eye on them and post photos soon.
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    Jun 16, 2011
    How soon can you sex them? maybe at a month?

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