sexing polish depends.

Hatchery polish can be misleading. Girls should have a "bouffant" and dudes should be "spikey". Hatchery girls will sometimes be spikey too. Look at the waddles. My males have had waddles right away.

Spikey Stink-eye (was missing some top feathers at the time)

Hatchery Hen. Not really "poofy" but I have hatched her chicks, so we knows she's a girl.

Hynotized hen. She she is "poofy" and "roundheaded"?

Possibly a roo?
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someone here posted photos of 6 week olds and ones wattles were already larger and redder compared to the other (she had 2). i think it takes quite a while to be able to tell by their headfeathers (hens have more of a poof and roos have dreads)
Nope. I promise Wayne of the Mohawk is half polish, hald Aloha project bird. Pulled his stuck butt out of the egg myself.

Mommy- is the hen in my first post, Dad is this guy:

Sorry to hijack, OP.
Very odd! Looks like a Spitz... LOL Pretty roo

My Polish are 6 weeks old and I can tell the difference pretty well on mine... so I'd say at least that old for sure.
Here is a more recent pic of Wayne. He's got a big 'ol beard now, but not very large waddles, so I still hope Wayne is a Wynette.

Still the spikies and some suspicious saddle feathers lead me to "roo".

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