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    i got a "pair" last month, they ve been cooing back and forth for a while now but tonight....they "done it" lol . I just put a nest box in the cage and they seem to love it. My question is how do i know their a pr for sure ? I ve seen pigeons mate with the same sex before. Thanks.
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    If they are a pair, you will probably get eggs within the next couple of weeks. If they happen to lay four eggs, you have 2 hens mated together. If they go for an extended period of time without any eggs, you may have two cocks mated together.
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    only two eggs after about a month or so, probly will show the results, but ive had some fool me even varying rarely from that, having an infertile cock, or hen that wont lay or lays extra eggs early. fertile developing eggs are only sure way to know. ringnecks are pretty easy to sex and know once youve had for a month or so, as same sexes fight each other more, or mirrors. originally thought this was pigeon discussion, and ive never had trouble from ringnecks.
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