Sexing Roman Tufted Geese...How do you???


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Jul 14, 2009
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I was wondering how you sex roman tufted geese?

I heard that usually only the females have gray on them. I also read somewhere else that the males are 4-6inches taller than the females. also read soemthing about the boys voices being higher pitched...

Our old pair was perfect...gray only on the goose & the gander was solid white, just a little bit taller but completely obvious at first glance who was the gander & who was the hen.

we got 4 new ones recently, and thoguht they might all be girls because of the gray, but now we're not sure. 1 older one is much bigger than the rest.

any help is appreciated.
My ganders tend to be taller and slightly more angular in their build/body style. The females are more rounded in their appearance, smaller and have a more feminine head and neck.
well what matters to me is that if there are two ganders and one female raised from chicks, will they fight bad . I have three unsexed. One is pretty , all yellow tufted roman, the other two are larger , have grey on them, bought from purely poultry. they will live out their lives as honorable pets under my protection, like old horses. They have a acre fenced in with a 3 feet chain link fence . I hope the ganders will fight off the cats and raccoon that comes in although I will protect them. I will eliminate the coyotes from miles around with coyote hunter dogs. The bald Eagles cannot get the adult geese? , Can they , are these domesticated geese that vigilant. The Amish has these white geese, non tufted , they live around their house under the porch , nothing happens to them. At night they will be all locked up. they protect my home eat the geese and give me loyalty.

Friendly ,non judgmental comments and suggestions, this is supposed to be honest clean fun, no politics, no money etc

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