sexing RP poults

Sorry, there's really not much to see that will differentiate them at 7 weeks. Strutting doesn't seem to be 100% because even the girlies will play at doing a little strut at this age and even later. Watch them carefully and compare and as they grow you'll see the boys grow snoods and wattles a little sooner than the girls. They'll get heavier and thicker and before you know it you'll know who's who.
Call me crazy but almost all of my toms gobble by a few weeks of age if you make funny noises to them. Maybe they are just telling me to shut up but it works. In fact the best is to have a stranger make noises they never heard before while you listen. Also have only a few poults in your observation area or you will not be able to tell who gobbled. My youngest positive ID by this method was 3 weeks with a BSW.
Yeah there is no way I can tell the sex of my Royal palm poults until they are old enough to start displaying some of the male characteristics....I have found that if you put young poults next to mature birds, I wouldn't suggest putting them together, that the mature toms will strut, drum ,and gobble at the youngsters....But only if they are little toms. I watch how the mature toms react to the little birds and then can usually pick out the young toms...I guess it makes sense, they can tell male from female before we can....Just what I have found works for me...

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