Sexing tips for a few breeds?


6 Years
Feb 16, 2013
Columbia, Virginia
For the Easter HAL I bought eggs locally to set, as well as some from my own flock. Since I do not have experience with the breeds I bought, I was wondering if there are tips to sexing them.

Mille Fleur D'Uccle


Old English Game Bantam


Silke/Polish cross

Easter Egger/Barred Rock cross

Lavender Orpington crossed with the following: Easter Egger, Cochin, Maran

The chicks are a few days over a week old.

Thank you!!


7 Years
Jun 23, 2012
With most breeds, you can tell the gender by the feathers, roosters will grow sharp feathers along their tail, back, and neck, while females will have rounder feathers.

You can also sex them by their comb/wattles (male's combs and wattles grow and turn red a lot faster), and by the spurs (females will have bumps, where the males will have actual spurs.)

Are the silkies bearded? If so, you won't be able to tell their gender until they crow or lay eggs. If the silkies aren't bearded, then you can tell by the wattles and combs... Good luck on sexing them! (I have two silkies that are about a year old, and neither has laid an egg or crowed... I was told they were females, but one of them attacked a rooster for trying to mate with the other, so I've decided I don't get to know haha)

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