Sexing wyandottes


Jun 28, 2020
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I have a pretty good idea on 2of 3 of these 9 week old wyandottes... But I'm looking for confirmation before making plans as I can't keep any roos. 20210723_171955.jpg 20210723_171958.jpg 20210723_172017.jpg 20210723_172128.jpg 20210723_172129.jpg
Even without good lighting, I can see two obvious cockerels.

Pictures in natural light would help immensely though. Hard to tell comb and wattle redness under a red/pink light.
So... The one that I have in natural lighting with a close up of comb/waddle (light one).... Thoughts?

Which are the obvious? Medium and dark? That's my theory... And I'll be crushed if the light one is a roo. "She" jumps into my arms to hang out. 😂😂😂
My Wyandotte pullets are a week or two older than yours. They have basically no combs.


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The splash isn't as developed as the other two, but I do believe it's a cockerel. The other two are for sure. Maybe post updated pics of that one in a couple more weeks.

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