sexlink baby chick is bleeding

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  1. degonfler_l'amant

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    May 19, 2010
    washington state
    i have a 3 week old sexlink chick and today as i transported it to another box so i could clean the box it is staying in. When i went to transport it back into its normal box,their was a small pool of blood in the box. I have been keeping an eye on her all day/ she isnt lethargic or anything and she is continuing to poop blood, she also has a bald patch on her back i also have no clue what that could be cause by.
    She is in a wooden box with 5 other chickens,some which are about a month or so older than the sexlink chick and i dont know if i should seperate the chick just incase whatever is wrong with her is contagious, or if the other birds are the to blame.
    does anyone know why she would be pooping blood and what i can do to help the chick out?

  2. silkieowner

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    Apr 17, 2010
    Hi the only thing i can say is Coccidiosis which means your other chickens its in with might come down with it too. Its best to treat all chickens now since they are being housed with the infected bird.

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