Sexlink Rooster Or Hen? (No Pics)


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May 20, 2012
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My Coop
We just started noticing a very aggressive Sexlink. He/she has tailfeathers that curve strait up. Its sister is defently a hen, it lets us pick her up, and is nice to our flock. ( Sorry I dont know how to put up pictures.) Its very ugent. I need to know so i dont get fertel eggs.
First off, fertile eggs aren't a problem. You eat them just like unfertile eggs. No one can tell the difference.

Okay, what type of sex links are they? Where did you get them? If they are hatchery birds and you got them from a feed store or hatchery you can sex them easily. If they are some red based sex link--red, gold, brown, etc, and the bird is mostly that red color with some white feathers on the back end, like they were dipped in bleach, they're hens. If it's a mostly white bird with some red only on the shoulders, it's a rooster.

If they're black sex links, if it's solid colored it's a hen. If it's barred, it's a rooster.

That's the joy of sex links, you can sex them easily just by looking at them.
Its feathers are white and brown, mostly white on the back. Its not fully grown, so its comb isnt showing much diffrence, but it does seem more domanit.
There are no red colored sex-linked roosters. Sex-linked chickens are so called because you can tell their sex as soon as they hatch. If your birds are red colored with some white in the tails and back end, you have what's commonly called Gold Comets/red sex-links/red star/cinnamon queen.

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