sexlinked olive eggers

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    Hi guys and gals! I think that my olive egger couple are producing sexlinked offspring. So far there have been 6 chicks. Males are black with gold and females are buff color. Is this normal? One of the original parents was an Americauna but i do not know what it was bred with. Any thoughts?
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    Can you take and post photos of the parent birds? Without knowing the parentage of the parent birds and without being able to see them to determine the color genetics they may be carrying there is no way to answer whether what you are noting is true sex linking or just a coincidence.
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    Doesn't sound sex linked at all.

    There are two basic forms of sex linkage.....

    Red sex links are a red rooster over a silver hen. males are silver, females red/gold.

    Black (or barred) sex links are a non-barred rooster over a barred hen. Males are barred, females are not.
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    Agree. Sounds like you may have something Wheaten. Wheaten birds are not sex linked, but males and females do mature to different colors.
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