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    Dec 16, 2008
    I have such a hard time wrapping my head around this I had seen a great link and I thought I put it into my favorites but cant find it now. and the other link does not includ australorps but I am sure I have read it many times before.

    ok I am trying to figure out which roos to keep so please let me know if I have this correct:

    Black Australorp Roo will make some sort of sex link with the following types of hens:

    Light Brahma
    Road Island White
    Bared Rock

    Will the Australorp also make sex linked chicks with

    Black copper Marans
    Blue and splash Marans
    Wheaten Marans

    Ok now a Bared Rock Roo can not make sex links with anything, or can they?
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    Only ones that will work for sexlinking is:

    Australorp x Delaware and Barred Rock.

    RI White is possible, if it is recessive white and has barring.. otherwise it is kind of a guess until the chicks hatch. If she has Dominant White, then all of their chicks will simply be mostly white with the odd black feather in both sexes.

    With the other hens, the chicks will be all either solid or leaky black in both sexes. (and in blue versions too from the blue and splash Marans hens)

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