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    I know this question and answer is somewhere here but I can't find it [​IMG].

    There was once a list of the crosses you'd need to make to have sexlink chicks. Can someone direct me where that post might be?

    I have black sexlinks but was wondering if any of them are any better than the rest?
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    Feb 26, 2008
    I like Golden Comets, which are a red sex link. Rhode Island Red Roo (thanks greyfields) to Rhode Island White hens.
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    There are several sexlinks, most of them are a red, gold, black, or even blue roosters on silver hens.
    Some examples of possible sexlink making roos are RIR, new hampshire, buff orp, black austrolorp, blue andalusian, GLW's, partridge rocks, and many many more.
    Some examples of silver hens are BR/dominiques, SLW's, delewares, white leghorns, any bird columbian patterned, silver pencilled rocks/dark brahmas, some white rocks/white wyandottes, and there are several that I am forgetting, but hopefully you get the basic idea.
  4. One caution on assigning specific crosses to certain strains of Sex Links. Some hatcheries actually buy eggs or chicks from commercial pullet production companies such as Bovans and Hy-line for their Sex Link sales. As with the commercial "Cornish Rock", these birds are highly selected strains of birds that are not typically related to a generic Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, or other "purebred" brown egg layers.

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    Thanks everyone!

    So basically, if I want black sex-links that lay eggs like mine do now, I'm better off buying them from a hatchery than trying to hatch my own? What if I keep the breeds pure, like RIR roo x RIR hen, will those hens be as good of an egg layer as their mother? (Just used RIR as an example, wondering about RIW, barred rock, etc.)
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