Sexual behavior question’s about 6 month old bourbon reds


9 Years
Apr 1, 2010
we have six bourbon reds about 6 months old two are toms as far as i can tell
the toms puff up and have noodles that flop around.

I have been watching them and they do a little dance and kind of hug necks one will lay down and the other will walk on it or try to hump it the thing is the males were doing it to each other. the hens try to move in and lay down but the toms are not intrested .

we have 2 toms and 4 hens the hens seem to try this also they have small firm noodles , cant fan the tail and are smaller with a bit less color?

also one of the toms seems to want to chase me when my back is turned (he will prolly be thanksgiving dinner) is this pretty normal for bourbon reds of this age ? will the toms try to kill each other at some point if so when ?

one of the toms has a beard starting and the other I dont see one is this normal ?
sounds like thier hormones are just kicking in to me .. Alot of animals mate to show dominance.. My guess would be they are establishing the pecking order... And on the one try to attack you .. Chop Chop .. I wouldnt be having a 40lb turkey chasing my butt all the time ..

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