Sexual Maturity...does it vary by breed?

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    May 12, 2010
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    Reposting Question from the Baby Chicks Thread: Blue Andalusian"BIG DADDY" started crowing at 5wks, now 7wks and I witnessed him mating. This can't be normal can it? The pullet he selected is a 6 week old Barred Rock, and she actually submitted to him. No noise making or anything, he just walked over to her as she was laying in the grass and did it, she didn't protest. I have no idea how many other of his brooder mates he's hit on, but this is crazy. Is there anything I should do or let nature run it's course? I have a 16wk old Welsummer rooster that just started even trying to crow. Thanks..
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    Wow! That is very young. I have 4 months old silver-laced wyandottes who aren't mating yet. Rooster tries and I hear the poor hens' screams but I figure he's gotta get his groove on. He also only starting crowing nicely last week. I'm surprised at the behavior of yours but just let nature take its course - what else can you do? As long as rooster isn't beating up on the girls and tearing off their feathers - I can't see anything wrong.
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    I have some 2 month old buff orps. I let them run around in the yard the other day and I was floored when one of the little baby boys hopped on a girl's back and mated her.
    Geez they start young lol. They aren't even crowing yet and he doesn't have all his tail feathers either but he definitely knew what he was doing! All my other chickens were much older when they started mating.
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    Sexual maturity varies a lot in chickens.

    My big Brahma boys did not even try to crow until they were well over 6 months old.

    Hybrid hens lay before pure breeds etc.


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