Shady coop location.

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    Just curious if anyone thinks this will be much of an issue. My "ideal spot" for our coop will be in the shade most of the time. In the winter it will get more sunlight as the trees drop so I plan to keep an eye on it, but it will be shady most of the time. The spot is not a wet area but has some huge maple trees that keep the shade in and is at the edge of the woods. I plan to clear out some trees close by so that will open it up a bit and I think the winter will be better, but not full sunlight. What do you think? Major issue in NE Conn. or should I be OK? It will be a big help in the summer to have the shade and would outweigh the cold in my opinion. I just wanted others to weigh in.
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    Apr 9, 2007
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    sounds good to me shade in summer b/c the heat
    and light in the winter for the cold.

    i think you should do it just add some natural heat to the coop and some ac lol.
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    Sounds like my coop set up. Shaded in the summer and more sun in the winter. I added a lot of glass area in the south side to take advantage of winter sun which heats the coops quite a bit.

    Chickens will love you in the summer for the shaded coops and grazing area.

    Trees will give them extra cover from overhead predators also.
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    That's exactly how we have ours set up. Shady in the summer, light access in the winter. But ours also get some sunlight when the sun comes up in the morning. Ours is also on a hill side so that if water does get in, it runs down and out. Good Luck... sounds good to me!
  5. Firefyter-Emt

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    Thanks, that was my feeling with it being better shady in the summer.

    Running heat out there really is not feesable due to the distance so I want to avoid that if I can. Has anyone tried anything solar based to keep water unfrozen?? That is my main downside that I may need to overcome. If all else fails, I may just have to pony up for some long cords to keep the water unfrozen and some heat in there, we shall see.
  6. Quote:I have almost the identical set up as you as far as coop location goes. I have been told by a local that as long as you keep the waterer in the coop, freezing shouldn't be a problem if you pay attention to it. She said to just keep it from freezing by breaking any ice or replacing the water. Even then it's only in the coldest of weather.

    BTW....Ashford FD, Station 20.

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