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  1. I have a gl wyandotte that is alway quivering at her head /neck area. I think she is just a scared lil thing, she eats drinks walks fine. She socializes fine with the others, she is one of my favorites so i'm hoping she isn't sick. We have nicknamed her shakes.
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    May 17, 2007
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    I hope someone responds!
    I have a 12 week old Red Sex Link that has done the same thing for a couple of months. I keep thinking I should cull her, but then I keep giving her another chance. She looses her balance and has a terrible time getting back on her feet.
    Like your girl, the other birds don't bother my "Gimpy". She is somewhat delayed in her growth, got her feathers later than the others. She is doing regular chicken things now. Perhaps it is an early case of Parkinson's!
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    No expert here, but maybe try adding some V&E in thier water. Maybe even some crumbled eggs or cat food for some protien, just some thoughts that come to mind.

    Hope your girl is ok!

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