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So my rooster is inside the house (from being outside in -31) and hes shaking. He shouldnt be scared i handle him often and he could run off if he felt like it. Any ideas why hes shaking, he goes from not shaking to shaking a little to shaking a lot and so on. Thanks, i love my roo and want him to be healthy!!
Well he might think that this is his new home and he won't get to go back with the girls???

Edited to add: just read the chickens' maid's response and rethought my response. Yes, I agree it must be from cold. Minus 31 is very cold.
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He's cold and his body is trying to adjust to the warmer invironment. The best thing to do is to make him as warm a possible. Give him some warm, cooked egg and/or cooked oatmeal to eat, make sure it's not too hot, though. Wrap him up in a towel or something and hold him so that you can monitor him closely and he can warm up from your body heat. He may want to sleep, too. That's perfectly normal.
If he had this kind of reaction to the temperatures, then you should check the others as soon as possible. How many chickens do you have? What breed(s) are they? How large is their coop? If they are cold weather breeds, then you could, depending on how they are doing, give them a lot of hay (if you have it, old blankets if you don't) and try to decrease the amount of empty space in their coop (you can do that by giving them things to sit it and nestle into, like boxes, ect . . .). If they are not cold hardy breeds, then the best thing to do is to bring them inside. I know that's not always possible (we have 19 outside); if it's not, then do all of the above but give them more to nestle into. In the morning, give them some warm, cooked eggs. Don't give them oatmeal because it'll cool on their wattles and just make them cold.
Hope your chickens are ok and thumbs up on catching it early!
well he was just shaking when he came in so i could hold him. Hes used to being brought in, when he got attacked he lived in the house for a while. Thanks just wanted to make sure he was fine since he was in a warm house. He got a lot better and started crowing
!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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