Shamo and Bantam Partridge Wyandotte pullet

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    I'm in 4-H and am starting in advanced Poultry Project. So being an amateur critique on both of these breeds, I need someone who can tell me their faults; what characteristics are desirable for the breed, and how to 'work' with a bird for a fair.
    These two pullets will be the ones I'll work with before I get my Buckeyes, and I want to know what I got before I start any sort of thing.
    The BPW pullet is from a line of birds that get's feathers in between their toes. This is undesirable, I know, but I've heard that if you simply pluck them out it's not a problem. Now if I was going to be seriously into BPW's I would buy different stock, but this is what I have. She wouldn't do at Nationals but for a 4-H fair she'll be fine, correct?
    Her feather definition has certainly changed a lot, but on her chest is a 'lighter' streak of feathers...? I'm not sure if that's ok or not. She's about 7 months old and by the time next fair rolls around she'll be well over a year.
    When I bought my Shamo, I wasn't sure what I'd bought. For two days I thought that I had a turkey. But after looking into it, I learned that I had Shamo and was quite excited about it. She's 6 1/2 months old (I know Shamo's mature slowly). Her eye color was red, but growing lighter. I'm holding my breath, but I doubt they'll ever be as light as they're supposed to be.
    Her color is not Wheaten, or Blue Wheaten even...but some mixture of the two. I will take some recent pictures of them tomorrow then get them on here.
    Now with these two girls I'm trying to learn Showmanship. What exactly is Showmanship? I just started with 4-H and have no experience whatsoever with showing. So please excuse my silly questions.
    What could I work on to learn Showmanship and how could I 'pose' the birds? I was told it takes a lot of work...and I'm ready. But first of course, I must ask the knowledgeable BYC'ers.

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