Share your chicken treat recipes!!!


5 Years
Apr 3, 2017
Do you like to make snacks for your chickens? I do!! Here is one of my recipes. I hope you all share yours!! This recipe makes a great summer treat!

1. Fill up your ice cube trays with water
2. mince some strawberries on a plate (make sure pieces are very small)
3. put the strawberry pieces (or berries) in the water filled ice cube trays.
4. Freeze and I hope your chickens enjoy!!
Here is a picture for an example
We take old toilet paper rolls, coat them in peanut butter, and roll them in cracked corn or scratch. We have them around to give them something to peck and something to play with.

They also love, love, love "trail mix" which is usually oats, meal worms, raisins, and whatever seeds I have laying. We don't feed them the human stuff but I think I have seen small humans trying the chicken trail mix before.
I tried the toilet paper roll treat,and my chickens liked it. My Barred rock rooster liked them the most,but my hen Blackie liked them too!Here is a picture of Blackie.
Not as much as a chicken recipe, but my chickens love getting worms and any fruit/vegetable lying around! I have done the fruit and ice thing before and they loved it! Also, they love apple sauce!

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