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11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
I got hit by lightning when I was 3 months pregnant with my first child. (7 years ago), I was kneeling down in a huge puddle, with my head up against the side of the house, looking under with my flashlight, for my kitty. I saw him, and was trying to coax him out, and the rain was falling SO hard, it was like waves, or buckets full of water being poured on me. The next thing I knew, I was standing on the porch, in intense pain, my hands were all balled up, and I couldn't relax them. I couldn't see, or hear, and made my friend take me to the ER. I hallucinated, really badly for about 24 hours (thought we'd been to the ER, and seen the Dr... etc. when we hadn't even gotten there yet.. it made answering questions very, very hard), and saw bright lights, floating around, as well as that after-image thing you get when you see a flash.... I had no burns, or marks, or anything, and other than having some hearing loss ( I watch tv with the Captions on... drives the hubby nuts!), and occasional bright specks of light (the kind you see right before you pass out...)I think I'm fine. Really scared of lightning though... Crazy fluke. They think the lightning either hit the puddle I was in, or hit the house and connected to my head through all the water running down the walls onto my head. My baby was fine, though we really expected that he might be born with white hair, or super-powers....
WOW! What a story, so glad you are almost back 110% and your baby was born fine!!

My oldest DD had crazy things happen to her, she was riding bikes one time with a g.f. and stopped to look at horses. It was an old fence with wooden posts and the horse was acting crazy and kicking his heels up, so to speak. Hit a steeple that was lying on the ground and it stuck right into my DD's neck. It fell out, when she took off home, but sure enough she had two little "vampire" holes in her neck!!

Another time, DD was chewing on a toothpick, and I told her to be sure and throw it away when she was done . . .but she was tired and feeling lazy and threw it on the carpet, unbeknown to me. The next morning getting ready for school, she had an itchy foot and was rubbing her foot along the carpet. You guessed it, she rammed that toothpick into her heel so tight, I could not budge it. DH was working midnights, so I had to call work and tell him to be sure and come home straight away (we only had one car, the good ole' days!!) so I could take her to the emergency room. Our family doctor was there, and he was absolutely amazed at how that thing had wedged itself in her heel. He said it had literally made a "noose" with the skin and he had to literally lean on the table to get enough leverage to pull it out. Sheesh, kids and their accidents.

Another time, DS was in jr. high and had borrowed a pencil from the teacher and was putting it back on the desk. He sat right in front (don't even ask why!) and when he went to throw it back up there, he had the point toward his hand, he hit the lip of the teacher's desk and rammed that pencil right through the palm of his hand. It didn't go through the hand, but you could see the point of it coming through the skin. Scared the family doctor, because he said that is the nerve center of the hand. Luckily, it missed everything, and he just cleaned it up and bandaged it. DS is an LPN now and no ill effects.

Another time, DS was playing basketball at a buddy's grandparents house, and they were big farmers and had equipement setting all over the place. DS went up to get the ball away from the uncle that was playing with them, and DS came down on the hay hauler. Tore his nose half off, you could lift up half of the side of it and see all the way to Mars.
So, we bundled him up and took him 40 miles away to meet a plastic surgeon who was on call at another hospital and got it all sewed back together. He has a fine hair line scar right in the crack of his nose, but no other side effects. That was scary!!!

Another time youngest DD was standing on the front sidewalk, and DH was mowing around the back side of the house, hit a rock that rickoshayed all the way around to her and cut a chunk out of her forehead. We were having friends over for tacos, so I got everything put together right quit, bundled her up and as we were going to the hospital, she looked in the rear view mirror (no seat belt laws, she was about 3 years old) and said "oh my, look what I have done, I have punched a hole in my head." So, three stitches later and a lot of screaming
, we headed back home for tacos.

Ain't accidents just the best!!!!
Years ago we lived in a house that had a huge solid wood garage door. You know, the pull down type. It was very wide and high. Well, one day I had been standing like 12" away from where it comes down at. The door was up and we were looking out. My two young boys, who I clearly remember were both in diapers, were standing right next to me, one on each side. Well, out of nowhere a spring snapped and it slammed down to the floor. I was in shock to say the least! This door was so heavy my husband had to use 2 floor jacks to get it up to fix it. It must have weighed a ton and most definitely would have killed us if we had been standing under the door.

To this day I will NEVER EVER stand under a garage door that is up even if I think it's a light one.

reminded me, I stepped on a whole row of staples when I was a kid................ sheeeeesh that hurt.

Another time at boarding school, I was walking on the school field, and a friend of mine threw a plank of wood from a bench - when she saw it heading straight for the back of my head she yelled - so I TURNED! It hit me smack on the bone under my eye - I had to have like 7 stitches or something like that, it was only about an inch long and bled like the dickens....

I am lucky I have two eyes!
when i was younger i was swimming at my grandmothers house and i jumped into the pool and i started screaming bloody murder and i went to the doctor and they found out that i had about an inch long red cap like off of super glue tubes rammed into my foot and i had to have surgery to get it out. and another time i was young again and i was jumping around on the bed in the guest room and i dont know how a kabob stick about a foot long wooden was on the ground down there but i managed to jump on it and get it half way into my food. those are just a few
One time when I was little I was standing on the arm of a couch to see a deer one time and I slipped an broke my tooth on my mom's harp. It must have hurt but I can't remember if it did. I got my...first trip to the first lost first disgustingly bloody lip only little plastic sparkley treasure chest.

We all seem to have some horrible bloody tales!
On the first day of school, sophomore year, my oldest decided to break a cereal bowl that had a crack in it. Sigh. He ended up ripping his wrist open; severing the artery, tendon, and nerve. What a nightmare. He recovered, had physical therapy, and has most of the function back in his hand. His mom, however, still has nightmares, and said kid is in college now.
Well it wasn't an accident in the way that it somehow could have been prevented, but
When I was in first grade (I think) on a Saturday a wasp came out of a nest in our swingset (must have been just building it, because we played there every day ya know) and stung me on top of my head. Sunday morning the area under my eyes had swolen up, but my dad made me go to church anyway and it was the first day of first grade Sunday School so they took my picture and put it up on the wall. It was mortifying, and of course it hurt like the dickins too.

I was stung a lot growing up and each time it has gotten a worse reaction

I'm terrified of wasps now - more than snakes or spiders or mice or anything else.
I've got so many hits to the head I've stopped counting. One of them is pretty funny.

When I was a kid, I was called from the other side of an asphalt sports field that was temporarily turned into a storage site for ongoing construction work. I ran, crossed a corner and ran straight into a metal pipe sticking out, hitting it with my forehead. My feet kept going, but my head slammed straight into the ground - let's just say I had a front to back headache afterwards.
oh Lord...I have broken my legs, my nose, my fingers, a few toes...I have ended up under the horse and under the motorcycle...I have fallen off the second level of scaffolding while painting a of the worst horse related accidents came about on pavement...I was riding behind my boy friend who was in the saddle...we proceeded to canter...the horse spooked...the cinch broke and everything on top of the horse ended up on me sliding down the pavement on my elbows...holy crap...I could not straighten my arms for days...I know exactly why I am gimpy and grateful that I am OLD and gimpy...

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