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    Please share you're sweet chicken stories! Like maybe a hen/rooster that saved another chickens life!

    Here's mine!

    A couple years ago I was trying to catch my hen Chickadee. I wanted to put her in the coop, but she was really wild at the time. So, I was chasing her (and looking like an Insane person I'm sure [​IMG] ) when she ran into a tree! The poor thing was screaming, and staggering on the ground. I had no idea what had just happend! She got bark inside her eye that made her go blind. Her eye ball was pushed in too. I put her on a perch, and tried to cheer her up (I didnt know much back then). I didn't see it happen, but my family did. They said they saw Fudge (a bantam hen) go over to Chickadee, and put her wing over her to comfort her! That's the sweetest thing I'd ever seen a chicken do! Sadly, Fudge drowned in a stock tank. I've never gotten over her death since. She was the sweetest chicken I have ever owned.
  2. Poor fudge i'am sorry that you lost her. When my chickens were chicks they would sleep on me, one time I fell asleep too my mom put them away for me that time. My chickens do lots of sweet stuff now [​IMG]

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