Shared coop / barn space - hens and pygmy goats

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    Jul 8, 2011
    Guelph, Ontario
    I love chickens and love pygmy goats. Chickens are my first love so we'll start with them but I'm thinking about getting a pair of pygmy goats as well - mostly for entertainment value. Has anyone shared their coop space with four legged critters? I'd love to be able to let them all in/out together etc and have the added heat from the PGs in winter. The idea stems from the old school farming having all the animals in the barn together and therefore keeping each other warm.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Things I should be concerned about?

    (funny how I'm already adding to the flock I don't even have yet... You know you're addicted when...)
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    May 14, 2011
    How big is the space?
    I am not so sure about the urine from the goats. If it is a small space that could get icky.
    When we were out in the sticks my chickens would fly over and visit the steer.
    The coop was topless.
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    Mine don't live in one big pen, but I have a shed that is separated to two different sections. I have the chicken's run and there is a pop door that allows them to go into the goat pen when I let them, but I can also keep them separated.

    The goats absolutely love chicken feed and corn, so watch out because they can get bloated fast. Also, The chickens might lay eggs on poop in the hay.

    Here is a link to my setup: design/?start=all
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