Sharing: My girls are starting their fifth week


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Mar 30, 2011

posted a video of my girls from a few days ago - they are growing (to my newbie eyes) at an incredible rate. I noticed to day some of the BOss and BAs have "wattle buds." Exciting!
I dream of owning a farm one day~ until then I will most definately turn this house into one!! Cute babies~ Love the Bo's!
CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!

I have the same brooder set up but I am using puppy pads rather than shavings. How are you finding that the shavings work out for you? Do they kick it out a lot over the cardboard you have on the walls? Mine kick their sand all over the place and I have cardboard up too, I cant imagine how shavings would be but I'd like to try it.
Honestly, if you told me I'd be watching a chicken video two months ago......and yet here I am!

Mine are 2 weeks old yesterday. It is amazing how fast they grow. Thanks for posting.
I like the pine shavings. I keep a broom handy, though, because not only does the Barred Rock and the Australorps kick the pine shavings out, but the feed, too! Not a lot, but enough to make me have to sweep periodically. I really don't mind - in a few months they will be supplying me and some friends with eggs.
Very cute! I have a couple of chicks that age. They are so fun!

What kind of chicken is that one with the reddish wings? I have one like that too.....just wondering what you are calling it

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