Shavings to pellets in the coop

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Hello! [​IMG]
    Lately i've noticed a lot of shaving dust in our 9x5 coop, so i'm experimenting with pellet animal bedding- eagle valley brand. Today i cleaned out the coop floor- removed the deep layer of wood shavings and replaced it with a thinner layer of shavings followed with a bag of pellets. Once i had the bag of pellets down i mixed it with the shavings. Man, does it look more neat and i think i will have a lot less dust. Of course my girls had to check it out- i think they thought i was putting their layer pellets all over the floor. Hopefully they don't eat them-they should realize that they don't taste good. Anyone have better luck with the pellets vs wood shavings?

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    I love them !!!! Someone on here recommended the pellets, I switched and NEVER looked back!!!

    TSC was out last time I went in though, good thing I keep an extra bag in reserve [​IMG]
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    Dec 14, 2009
    We have always used pellets, and they work great! Since we made the decision to go with pellet litter, we decided to use layer crumbles as our 24/7 feed. No confusion this way. BTW, the pellets break down to sawdust with any humidity/moisture, and they love flailing in it for a dust bath.

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