Shaws Snow day Silliness and Southie Sense of humor Thread

OhZark Biddies

Crossing the Road
Apr 13, 2018
Did I really just read this.
And they call me a weirdo.

no weirdos!


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you ain't supposed to tell him what's in the package.

Pretty hard not too, our squirrels are larger than yours. We need to use shipping crates with air holes about 2 inches around. Other wise the squirrel will die and the meat will rot.

We are required to put placards on the crate warning person to keep fingers out of the holes. And to keep all nuts at least 6 ft away.

There was a case a few years ago where they placed a crated Christmas Squirrel near a crate with a dozen cases of Fischer nuts.

The squirrel smelled the nuts and busted out. They needed to call in 5 swat teams and the Air Force to put the squirrel down. 3 people died and 12 guys lost their nuts.
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