Shaws Snow day Silliness and Southie Sense of humor Thread


🦆Lord luv a Duck!
Apr 17, 2017
One time I was walking around out there with a group of kids.
All of the sudden the guy that was walking next to me just sunk.
He screamed like a girl.
We all got to laughing so hard..
It took what seemed like forever to pull him up out of there.
I laughed so hard I seriously peed my pants. Which made everyone laugh even more, cept for the kid who was stuck in the quicksand who did not think it was funny at all. :lau
He did eventually see the humor in it once we got him free.
I'll never forget the way the sound of a bunch of kids dying laughing out there echoed back. It sounded like a bunch of hyenas.😂
Every time we would almost stop laughing the echo would make us all laugh again.

OhZark Biddies

Crossing the Road
Apr 13, 2018
Hey, quick sand and quicksand type substances is a real threat.

Another shaw story...

There was a place we called the dump, where us teenagers used to go hang out to do teenager type things outside of town.
It wasn't supposed to be a dump but people used it as a dump for many years.
Besides teenager type things it was a fun place to go explore and see if you could find anything still good people threw away.
Somewhere along the line someone dumped massive amounts of grain or something of some sort out there. Over time I guess it decomposed?
I don't know what it was or how to explain it, all I know is you could be walking along and what looks like dry ground would swallow you up to your knees. It was like quicksand in the way of the more you tried to get out the more stuck you got.
You didn't want to go walking around out there after dark by yourself.

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